Vermont Quilt Festival Exhibits

2018 Festival Exhibits

Captivated by Curves

Judy B. Dales, Curator
Miller North

Judy Dales started quilting almost fifty years ago, drafting complex geometric designs which often contained the suggestion of a curve or the illusion of a circle. Her geometric period culminated in a series of Islamic designs, complex patterns based on the equal division of a circle.

Eventually, the compass and ruler were put aside and Judy began to draw designs freehand.  She developed drafting and sewing methods that allow her to conquer the technical challenges presented by curved seams, thus allowing her to translate anything she can draw on paper into a quilt pattern. This ability has tapped a deep source of creativity, allowing the creation of very personal and imaginative work.

Judy’s creative process is very intuitive and her affinity for curved lines and organic shapes, combined with a unique color sense, creates a very distinctive voice. Her recent work ranges from realistic landscapes and flower studies to fantasy-filled abstracts all of which have richness, movement, complexity and a feminine flair.

The Realm of 19th Century Appliqué

Arlan & Pat Christ, Curators
Miller North

Arlan & Pat Christ began collecting antique quilts in 2003 as part of their interest in all things Civil War.  They began accumulating a collection of quilts with Pennsylvania roots, and expanded their search into areas outside of their home state.  The Christ Collection includes a wide variety of patterns and designs, including appliqué.  Appliqué is the technique that creates a design by sewing shapes cut from fabric onto a larger background fabric.  There have been many fads in appliqué over the centuries.  This exhibit includes the large and elegant red and a green floral inspired design of the 19th century, Baltimore Album style, four block designs, plus a variety of unusual patterns.

 The Best of QuiltCon 2018

Quilts by Members of the Modern Quilt Guild
Miller North

The Modern Quilt Guild presents the Best of QuiltCon 2018, a collection of modern quilts from QuiltCon, the guild’s annual, worldwide conference and show. This inspiring exhibit showcases the best work of modern quilters today. Graphic and hip, these quilts represent the pinnacle of craftsmanship and design in today’s modern quilting movement.

The MQG developed out of the thriving online community of modern quilters and their desire to start meeting in person. The founding guild was formed in Los Angeles in October of 2009. Through blogs and the Internet, word spread quickly of the fun they were having, and soon guilds started popping up everywhere. There are now more than 200 guilds around the world with members on six continents.

Lobby Lights: Family and Friends

Quilts by Board, Staff, Emeriti & Friends
Miller Center Lobby

Each year the Lobby Lights exhibit showcases the work of an individual or group. This year we are pleased to celebrate the creative talents of our family and friends for our Lobby Lights exhibit. We’ll be showcasing the variety of work from our current Board, Staff, Emeriti, and Friends. Participants will have their quilt flown in the Miller Center Lobby, so be sure to look up!

Instructor Showcase

Quilts by VQF Instructors
Miller North

For four decades, we have displayed the high caliber of work our instructors bring to our class offerings. This year, we again have a broad array of talent that displays a diversity of quilt-making traditions. These instructors have chosen to display their work so you may get an up close view of what they share with our students.

2018 SewBatik Challenge:

Happiness Is….
Miller North

The 2018 SewBatik Challenge encourages participants to create a small wall quilt reflecting Happiness Is… What makes you happy? Is it a place, a special memory or person, or your favorite activity?

SewBatik provided two fat eighths of batik fabric. Quilts will be judged by Kimberly Einmo and the winner will receive a basket full of SewBatik products valued at $500. The second place winner will receive a basket of SewBatik fabrics valued at #300. SewBatik will pick their favorite and that winner will receive a complimentary entry packet for the 2019 SewBatik challenge. All packets for 2018 have been sold.

2019 SewBatik Challenge:

Miller North

The 2019 SewBatik Challenge will encourage participants to create a small wall quilt reflecting a topic to be decided upon in June. SewBatik will provide two fat eighths of fabric for this challenge. Limited quantities of the packets will be available for purchase each day of the show at the announcement table in Miller North. Rules for the contest challenge are included in the packet.

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