Vermont Quilt Festival Exhibits

2017 Festival Exhibits

Crop Circles and Other Creations

Joanne Shapp, Curator
Miller North

In January 2005, a single DVD totally changed Joanne’s life. She was exposed to the Crop Circle phenomena. Within the first 10 minutes she fell in love and knew she had to make quilts based on these stunning and enigmatic patterns. She has been to England several times and has actually been in over 75 formations. Several of her quilts are based on Circles she has been in. Each pattern is hand drawn using arial photos taken by friends. She does not use computers for either the design or the quilting. Construction techniques include piecing by hand and machine, paper piecing, hand applique’ and reverse applique’. Green and tan are now her favorite colors, and she looks forward to exciting new patterns every summer!

Life’s Work: The Katie Pasquini Masopust Collection

Katie Pasquini Masopust, Curator
Miller North

In a thirty-five + year career, Katie Pasquini Masopust has developed an extraordinary body of art exploring applique and piecing of unique found fabrics to create original works. Her inspirations come from many sources, but most commonly from photographs of landscapes, flowers and architecture and from her own original paintings. Katie uses found fabrics either commercially produced or dyed by others. Her quilts are included in many private and museum collections.

This will be the largest exhibit ever of Katie’s quilts and paintings.

Stars, Stars, Stars!

Sharon Waddell, Curator
Miller North

Since early times the star motif has been a favorite symbol in arts and crafts. They are one of the first symbols used and remain popular today. Found in both traditional and more modern quilts the variety is almost endless; patterns include Lone Star, Broken Star, LeMoyne Star, Ohio Star, Blazing Star, Prairie Star, and Starburst. This selection of fifty quilts from the early 1800s to the 1930s celebrates the incredible diversity and beauty of star quilts.

2017 SewBatik Challenge:

Miller North

The 2017 SewBatik Challenge encourages participants to create a small wall quilt reflecting their interpretation of the “illusion.” Is it a trick of the eye or is it authentic – illusion or reality? SewBatik provided two fat eighths of batik fabric. Quilts will be judged by Kimberly Einmo and the winner will receive a basket full of SewBatik products valued at $500. The second place winner will receive a basket of SewBatik fabrics valued at $300. SewBatik will pick their favorite and that winner will receive a complimentary entry packet for the 2018 SewBatik challenge. All packets for the 2017 challenge have been sold.

Lobby Lights: Vermont Modern Quilt Guild

Quilts by Vermont Modern Quilt Guild
Miller Center Lobby

Each year the Lobby lights exhibit showcases the work of an individual or group. This year, we are pleased to announce that the Vermont Modern Quilt Guild will fly their bold, colorful, and graphic quilts above the lobby in between the Miller North and South buildings. In addition, there will be an informative display about this guild and modern quilting in Miller Center lobby. Stop by and see the exciting activities of this guild, and learn what modern quilting is all about!

2018 SewBatik Challenge:

Happiness is…
Miller North

The 2018 SewBatik Challenge will encourage participants to create a small wall quilt reflecting Happiness …What makes you happy? Is it a place, a special memory or person, or your favorite activity? SewBatik will provide two fat eighths of fabric for this challenge. Limited quantities of the packets will be available for purchase each day of the show at the announcement table in Miller North. Rules for the contest challenge are included in the packet.

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